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paul santisi
Paul Santisi audios are some of the most listened to on the planet.  In the areas of personal development, self empowerment, guided meditations and spiritual awareness.
We Have All Heard Of Karma. The Question Is, Do You Truly UNDERSTAND What It Is And How To LAW Of KARMA Really Works? This Audio Reveals It All!
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Finally Utilizing Karma For It’s Power And  Magnificence
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  • Learn how you have been using Karma your entire life to create blessings or to self sabotage yourself.
  • Learn high level advanced knowledge that no "gurus" will ever talk about!
  • Learn what the Law of Karma is and how it really works
  • Learn how to UNDERSTAND Karma and utlilize it for to your own personal advantage.
  • Learn how Karma goes beyond the phrase "what goes around comes around" .
  • Learn how Karma responds to phyiscal and conscious actions.
  • Learn how to become one with the Law Of Karma and have Karma be your personal servant delivering more of what you desire.
  • Plus so much more, eye opening and revealing information is shared.
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